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Speak To Me Lord by John Tesh




My  Story

With the support of my amazing wife, Theresa, I finally finished a life-long dream of completing my Ph.D. in  Theology in 2006.


I have six wonderful children and 11 beautiful grandchildren. Theresa and I love to travel. I grew up in Northwestern Michigan and she grew up in Southwest Washington. With children scattered throughout the country, we have many exciting places to visit.

I consider myself an eclectic writer. Many authors focus on one style and one genre. I enjoy the challenge of the write and push myself to create new and thought-provoking works. I also try to incorporate life-affirming values in everything I write.


In my stories, you will find broken, funny, mysterious, menacing, heroic, and intuitive characters. But you will always find a character or characters that overcome a major life obstacle...maybe like you.


P.S. If you are wondering about the photo, it is of me and my wonderful cousin Penny Gail.  Penny passed away after a long hard fight with cancer. She had an infectious smile, a bubbly personality, and a  positive attitude no matter how difficult life was. My memories of her still inspire me today.

My Books

My  Books


I Would Love To Hear From You

Spiritual Growth Books

Can God speak to you today?


Every day, we are surrounded by voices that try to influence us to buy, sell, behave, feel, and do. We are bombarded with so much information every day that we can become desensitized to the simplicity of God’s voice.


God desires that everyone hear his voice and develop an ever-evolving relationship with him.

With humor and years of learning to love and hear God intimately, DV Adams shares his unique perspective on knowing God. 


VERB offers a biblical and practical guide to experiencing God in a fresh and unique way. Included is a step–by–step method to assist you in developing a strong experiential relationship with God. Hearing God's voice is an exciting, life-changing adventure. 

Verb Book

Another book on worship. Another five-steps to ‘this’ blessing, or ten steps to overcome that ‘obstacle.’ It’s what I think of immediately when someone recommends a title with ‘worship’ in it. It’s a little bit what I expected from Dave the first time he contacted me about this work. 


It’s not what I received.


Envision a man who stopped life midway through and decided to devote years to understanding and communicating the full spectrum of  ‘worship.’ Understand the lengths that person would have to go to in order to secure the real title of  “Doctorate” in that field.


Years of reaching have brought Dave a unique perspective on worship. It is a perspective that in my opinion restores some of the dignity to the overused term itself. Lifestyle Worship could have easily been titled The Worship God Intended Then and Now because that is what this book covers, not the modern-day limited, marketing version of worship.


These well-researched thoughts will challenge everyone who exposes themselves to them. These counter-cultural thoughts will deepen and enhance anyone’s understanding of worship. Truly, if we as a post-modern church could return to some of these core tenets in whole life worship, I truly believe we would revolutionize our present history, and leave a firm imprint of Christ lived out in our communities.


As you enjoy this book, hopefully you will be a little more prepared than I was for the rich content found here. But lets go one step further, shall we?  Let’s make an agreement to apply these time-tested truths to our own lives, to walk out Jesus everyday—worshipfully, with mind soul and heart. Lets start that journey here, together with Dave in Lifestyle Worship."


- Margaret Becker

Here is what four-time Grammy nominee, four-time Dove Award winner, seven-time SESAC songwriter of the year winner, humanitarian, and author, Margaret Becker has to say about Lifestyle Worship:

"When I first read the title of Dave’s work, I have to admit—I was not prepared. “Worship” is big business these days in the church. There are so many materials in the market place with the word ‘worship’ somewhere in the description it’s overwhelming. And devaluing. Devaluing because the word has become a secret wink, a metaphor for sincerity and the appearance of God’s ‘nod’ and participation. It’s almost as if somewhere a Pastor, a marketing team, a writer is furrowing their brows in earnest with each title—each description—worship meeting, worship concert, worship with us meaning, we really mean it. God is in this.  

'Worship’ has become the code word for validity and sincerity. It’s like getting your Doctorate on-line from Barbados for fifty-dollars. It’s a shortcut to legitimacy, the title without the arduous journey; the everyday practice of study and assimilation it takes to master a field.


LW Book

In the idyllic Northern Ireland hamlet of Armahn, a mysterious drifter is shot to death—the first murder in over one hundred years in Armahn—just two doors down from the mysterious new resident at 73 Bellows Landing. A block away lives twenty-year-old Ronan McNeilly.


After high school, Ronan turned down offers to play for the Irish Olympic Rugby team and the Belfast Royals assumably to help support his widowed mother and fourteen-year-old sister, Rachel, with a routine job at the Whitehead Linen Factory. But the real reason he refused all offers was because of a dark secret that lay deep in the recesses of his soul.


After Ronan is introduced to Gillian, the beautiful daughter of wealthy London Arms manufacturer Thomas Devonshire, they stumble in on the murder of Devonshire by his partner, American billionaire Alex Linley.

On the run from Linley, the duo must discover clues that will help them piece together an elaborate scheme of Linley’s before he can pull off the most heinous murder in British history. But they must first figure out why the mysterious neighbor at 73 Bellows Landing holds the key to stopping Linley’s plan, as well as how to navigate their blossoming romance.


While evading the police and Alex Linley, Ronan not only discovers the clues that will exonerate him, but he looks deep into his soul and discovers God in a way he never imagined and a love he never expected.





Fiction Books

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